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Advanced and Distributed Index Structures for Genome Analysis

Related links : ALFALFA: A Long Fragment Aligner, essaMEM: an algorithm for calculating maximal exact matches using enhanced sparse suffix arrays

  • Peter Dawyndt
  • Veerle Fack
  • Bernard De Baets (Ghent University - LA10)
Modeling of cardiac arrhythmias using realistic anatomical models of the human heart
  • Peter Dawyndt
  • Arne Defauw (Ghent University - WE05)
  • Sasha Panfilov (Ghent University - WE05)
  • Hans Dierckx (Ghent University - WE05)
  • Nele Vandersickel (Ghent University - WE05)
  • Ivan Kazbanov (Ghent University - WE05)